85 NGOs Write EBRD on Transparency, Environment

1 April 2003

Representatives of Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asian NGOs submitted a letter to the EBRD Jan. 21 calling for access to more environmentally significant information on Bank projects.

In particular, the groups wrote: "The following changes are necessary in the revised Policies to improve access to environmentally significant information:

— Provide the public information, at the concept clearance stage, about new projects being considered by the Bank and public consultations at the time of screening;

— Provide public access to the material from the Environmental Analysis for Category "B" projects at least 60 days before consideration by the Bank’s Board of Directors and require public consultations on these projects.

The revised Environmental Policy and Public Information Policy will not assure compliance with the Bank’s environmental mandate unless the changes suggested above are made. If these changes are made in the revised Policies, the revised documents will provide a mechanism to avoid incorrect categorization of environmentally dangerous projects, will raise the level of environmental appraisal of these projects, and will reduce the unfavorable environmental impacts of Category "B" projects…"

The full letter is available here.

Other comments also have been sent to the EBRD on the topic. For a listing see http://www.bicusa.org. The EBRD is examining portions of its disclosure and environmental policies.

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