Seminar, Activities Mark 2nd Anniversary of Chile FOI Law

20 April 2011

By Emilene Martínez

Transparency Programs Coordinator at the National Security Archive

Diverse activities will be held in Chile the week of April 18 to commemorate the second anniversary of Chile’s Access to Information Law – among them the signing of a draft of a Public Probity Law by President Sebastián Piñera; an International Seminar in Santiago organized by the Council for Transparency; and a workshop on parliamentary transparency in the Chilean Congress in Valparaíso.

The International Seminar “Transparency as Modernization of the State; Experiences, Key Actors and Challenges” be broadcast live at Consejo’s Website on April 20 and 21 at Those following the events remotely will be able to send in questions through Twitter (@ctransparencia).  Speakers to this event include Huguette Labelle, President of Transparency International; Peter Kornbluh, Senior Analyst of The National Security Archive; and Jacqueline Peschard, President of the Mexican Access to Information Institute.

During the seminar’s inauguration President Sebastián Piñeera will sign a draft law for probity in the public sector. In this week of events to commemorate the second year of the law Piñera met the four counselors of Consejo and Huguette Labelle on April 18. On April 15 the Council for Transparency signed an agreement with the General Secretariat of the Presidency to develop a Transparency Web Portal. (See previous report.)

On April 20 the pro-transparency group headed by Senator Hernan Larraín is organizing the workshop “Action Criteria and Parliamentary Transparency” (Taller de Criterios de Acción y Transparencia Parlamentaria).  Among the guest speakers attending the event are Thomas Susman from the American Bar Association and Juan Pablo Olmedo Counselor of the Consejo para la Transparencia.

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