Court Stays CIC Order Concerning Court Records

27 May 2011

The Delhi High Court May 22 stayed a Central Information Commission order that would have allowed Indians to seek information to use Right to Information Act to obtain court records.

The commission ruled May 11 that the RT Act takes precedence over the internal rules of the Supreme Court. (See previous report.) The Supreme Court was told to provide the requested information by June 5.

The Supreme Court appealed the ruling. “If the public begins to enquire about the logic behind every judgment, then it will impede the independence of the apex court,” said Devadatt Kamat, the Supreme Court advocate who appealed on behalf of the Supreme Court, according to a Reuters report.

“Can RTI be made a tool to seek copy or information about confidential reports sought by Supreme Court benches from investigating agencies and governments on sensitive issues,” the SC asked in its appeal.

Justice S. Murlidhar stayed the CIC order.

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