EU Proposes Tighter Controls on Access to Documents

15 July 2011

“The 27 EU-ambassadors in Brussels have agreed to make internal security rules for information binding law in the member countries,” according to an article in Wobbing Europe by Staffan Dahllöf.

In addition, the 15 top members of the European Parliament have decided that information ”disadvantageous” to the EU shall not be disclosed to the public, the report states.

The EU ambassadors in Brussels this spring signed an agreement “to make sure that the agreed classification rules will be respected in the member countries,” Wobbing Europe wrote.

The decision would include documents at the “restricted” level, the lowest classification category. “In the present EU-rules for access to documents to the public there is no such classification,” the article states

The decision must be ratified by all member countries before it enters into force.

The EU  Parliament “has moved in the same direction, as its leading administrative body, the Bureau recently took a very similar decision” by adopting in June new rules governing the treatment of confidential information in the Parliament itself.

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