Polish Government Proposes Data Reuse Legislation

7 July 2011

The Polish government has proposed legislation that would make public information available for re-use,  according to a press release by the public interest group Centrum Cyfrowe.

The draft bill will now be sent to Parliament.

Under the bill, all public information accessible online or made available pursuant through individiual requests will be available for re-use free of charge with very limited reuse conditions. The goal is to align Polish law with EU Directive 2003/98/EC.

The group explained:

Designated public institutions will provide resources – in particular public data – specified by the Prime Minister, especially information of particular value as a source of innovative added value.

As a rule, everyone will have the right to re-use of public information – without restriction and free of charge. However, if the preparation of information for re-use will require such additional costs, a payment may be required to offset these costs.

Official announcement in Polish.

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