Guinea Conakry ATI Law Available in English

25 August 2011

The Guinea Conakry access to information law, promulgated late last year, but not immediately published, is now available in English.

The law was issued by the outgoing military government in November 2010, signed by General Sékouba Konaté, just prior to the presidential election in which Alpha Conde became president.

The English translation has been posted by the African Freedom of Information Centre, which also has posted the original French version.

In a May 2011 report, Reporters Without Borders noted that the ATI law had been promulgated but not published. The group reported “an atmosphere of calm that allows reporters to work unhindered and a renewed vitality in the media following the 2010 presidential election.” However, the group said lack of progress on several media-related matters, including access to information, “raises questions about the intention of President Alpha Conde’s government to consolidate press freedom.”

Officially the Republic of Guinea,  this West African country is called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from its neighbor Guinea-Bissau.

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