New Zealand Pledges to Release Public Data

15 August 2011

The New Zealand government has committed to release “high value public data,” according to a government announcement.

The Declaration on Open and Transparent Government was approved by the Cabinet on Aug. 8.

Also released wer the New Zealand Data and Information Management Principles, stating thatdata and information must be open, trusted and authoritative, well managed, readily available, without charge where possible and re-usable.”

Read the Cabinet Paper and Cabinet Minute here.

Under the new policy, agencies will commit to releasing high value public data actively for re-use, in accordance with the declaration and the New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing (NZGOAL) Review and Release process. Public data refers to non-personal and unclassified data.

The Data and Information Re-use Chief Executives Steering Group is sponsoring a program of guidance and advice to support agencies manage and release their data and information.  This is being developed by the Open Government Data and Information Working Group.

Chief Executives will submit their plans to actively release public data to portfolio Ministers for approval. The Data and Information Re-use Chief Executives Steering Group will report the aggregate plans annually to the Ministerial Committee on Government ICT.

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