Indonesian Action Plan Issued as Part of OGP Process

22 September 2011

The Indonesian “action plan” announced Sept. 20 as part of the Open Government Partnership aims to be execution-oriented, people-oriented and have a snowball effect, according to the words of the preamble.

Indonesia is one of the founding members of the partnership, officially kicked off in New York City Sept. 20. (See overview.) The 46 countries joining the effort agree to write action plans containing their commitments.

Indonesia’s plan is designed around a “Triple Track Strategy.”

The first track is intended to strengthen and accelerate implementation of existing open government programs and initiatives.” The second track is “focused towards establishing a common portal for public services, public participation, and public institution openness programs.” The third “accommodates new innovations in Open Government both from the central and regional government,” with three pilot projects envisioned.

The plan provides timelines, noting under the label “urgency” that “high number of complaints questioning the transparency” of government programs “has been observed.”

The plan calls for an emphasis on publishing data regarding subsidies for education, health, law enforcement, government job openings, land administration offices and other public services.

“Promoting transparency and accountability on budget information” at the national and regional levels is envisioned. More information on government procurement also will be provided, according to the plan.

Portal on Forest Planned

Indonesia also envisions developing by December 2013 a “One-Map Portal to Promote efficiency on Forestry Management” that will digitalize the data and information related to primary and secondary forests (including peat lands) on a single portal. Those data and information will be synchronized with licenses data attached to the land area.

Other items on the plan concern transparency for extractive resource data and “establishment of multi-stakeholders forum for spatial plan development.” The plan says that Indonesia is committed to be a fully compliant member of Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) by October 2012.


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