OGP to Hire Civil Society Coordinator; Costa Rica Joins

13 January 2012

The Open Government Partnership is advertising for a coordinator of civil society organizations and Costa Rica has joined, making the OGP a 51-nation multilateral effort to promote transparency.

Hivos, a Dutch development organization “guided by humanist values,.” is doing the hiring for the new position. (Read the job description here. Applications, which will be made public, are due Jan. 30.)

The person will “build and engage to develop a well informed and coordinated network of groups involved in OGP monitoring and advocacy,” begins the lengthy job description. 

The OGP position is being created as OGP member countries prepare their national action plans for presentation at an April meeting in Brazil to which civil society groups are invited through a recently unveiled process. (See previous FreedomInfo.org report.)  A civil society online group has been established, too, now with 79 members (ogp-civil-society@googlegroups.com). The OGP has also prepared materials on how civil society can get involved.

A coalition of U.S. groups recently announced the hiring a coordinator to help monitor and influence the U.S. OGP commitments. Wayne Moses Burke has been hired by OpenTheGovernment.org.

Costa Rica Joins

The addition of Costa Rica brings OGP membership to 51 out of 79 eligible countries.

The suggestion that new OGP members are about to be announced came in an OGP Twitter posting Jan. 13 saying, “Yes, we have more countries joining. We will send an update soon!”

OGP has 1,860 Twitter followers.

Newish on the OGP site: The list of attendees at the December meeting in Brasilia is posted at the bottom of the meeting summary.

Alos, see summary dated Dec. 2 of efforts taken by the eight founding OGP countries.

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