Liberian Court Urged to Make Disclosures Under FOI Law

3 February 2012

Liberia’s Criminal Court ‘A’ has so far declined to disclose evidence in a media-related case, prompting a complaint by the Press Union of Liberia about the denial under the Freedom of Information Act of Liberia.

“The Union says it is beyond 60 days since it requested the Court to provide copies of the species of evidence presented by government’s lawyers in the case against three media entities that were seized on allegation of broadcasting ‘hate messages,’ ” according to a report by The Analyst.

“While describing the Court’s denial as a bad example for the implementation of the law, the Union urges the government to remove the misgivings that the FOI was a mere publicity stunt,” continued the account.

“We therefore call on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to bring forward the appointment of the Information Commissioner to advance implementation of the law,” the Union said in the statement.

In another recent report, The Analyst was critical of a new code of conduct for government for making no reference to the Freedom of Information Act.

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