OGP Invites Private Sector Attendance in Brasilia

6 February 2012

The Open Government Partnership Feb. 4 invited private sector companies to attend its April 16-18 annual meeting in Brasilia, Brazil.

Last month the OGP issued a call for civil society participation at the meeting which also will be attended by representatives of the 52 member governments. (See previous FreedomInfo.org report.)

The OGP’s latest invitation indicated it is looking for “a diverse group of private sector companies active in the open government field” to participate in the meeting and said that 50 slots are available. “Participation is open to companies from all countries, and we will seek to balance regional and thematic diversity in our final selection of private sector participants.” Some private sector companies have already become involved with the OGP effort throght its Networking Mechanism.

The OGP provided an online form for applications and set a deadline of Feb. 29.

“The OGP Support Unit will work with a sub-group of the OGP Steering Committee to finalize participant selection. OGP will attempt to privilege early applications, while at the same time seeking to reflect issue and regional diversity amongst participants. OGP will aim to share the results of its selection process no later than March 7, 2012.

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