Mexican Senate Okays Laveaga to Post on IFAI

23 April 2012

The Mexican Senate has approved the appointment of Gerardo Laveaga as a commissioner of the Federal Institute of Access to Information, notwithstanding doubts about his experience and independence raised by nongovernmental organizations.

A coalition of 11 groups had opposed his nomination saying it violated Article 35 of the Mexican freedom of information law, which states that those appointed to the federal regulatory body should have relevant expertise.

Laveaga is an expert on criminal law and was named by President Felipe Calderón. He was director of Crime Prevention and Community Services in the Attorney General’s Office. He has also served as director of the National Institute of Criminal Science.

With 58 votes in favor, 17 against and two abstentions, the Senate approved the nomination to the five-member body on April 13.

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