Folk Songs Explain the RTI Law in Bangladesh

14 May 2012

Sung to the tunes of traditional folk songs, new lyrics are being used to explain the right to information law in Bangladesh.

Days of secrecy are long gone,
Public officials are now under obligation,
To ensure people’s right to information,
Says the law of the nation

The  “Tathya Adhikarer Gaan” or “Songs on the Right to Information,” were put out in February on a CD and now can be heard on the Article 19 website.

The words, in Bangla, explain the provisions of the Right to Information Act and will be be used for training purposes.

“Folk music is intrinsic to Bangladeshi culture and these songs will be a powerful tool for carrying the message of the right to information in the hearts and minds of the people in different corners of the country,” according to Tahmina Rahman, Article 19’s Director of Bangladesh and South Asia, who write the songs.

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