Obama Orders More Services Available on Mobile Devices

24 May 2012

President Obama May 23 told all federal agencies to make at least two government services available on mobile devices in the next year in a “device-agnostic way.”

“Americans deserve a government that works for them anytime, anywhere and on any device,” the president said in a statement. “By making important services accessible from your phone and sharing government data with entrepreneurs, we are giving hardworking families and businesses tools that will help them succeed.”

The instruction came as the Chief Information Officer issued a strategy entitled “Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People.”  As summarized in the Obama statement:

The Strategy will enable more efficient and coordinated digital service delivery by requiring agencies to establish specific, measurable goals for delivering better digital services; encouraging agencies to deliver information in new ways that fully utilize the power and potential of mobile and web-based technologies; ensuring the safe and secure delivery and use of digital services to protect information and privacy; requiring agencies to establish central online resources for outside developers and to adopt new standards for making applicable Government information open and machine-readable by default; aggregating agencies’ online resource pages for developers in a centralized catalogue on www.Data.gov; and requiring agencies to use web performance analytics and customer satisfaction measurement tools on all “.gov” websites.”

 The president ordered agencies to comply with the strategy within 12 months and to create within 90 days web pages located to report progress in meeting the requirements of the strategy.


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