Tunisia Publishes Road Map To Implement FOI Directive

11 May 2012

Tunisia’s Office of the Prime Ministry has published an implementation guide for Decree Law 41 – a directive passed last May on access to governmental documents, according to media reports (Tunisia Live).

FreedomInfo.org has confirmed the development, but contacts did not have a copy.

Pro-transparency activists have been calling for a law, arguing that the directive is too restrictive. (See previous FreedomInfo.org reports)

“The implementation guide consists of 22 articles that outline the principles and rules for regulating access to administrative records of public institutions, defining categories for disseminated information, and also detailing procedures to be followed to gain access to documents,” according to Tunisia Live.

The report also says , “The National Committee of Information and Communication Reform (INRIC), an independent commission established shortly after the revolution to reform Tunisia’s media sector, has on several occasions expressed its endorsement of Decree Law 41. Last December, INRIC submitted a 14-recommendation proposal to the government which demanded that the government enforce Decree Law 41.

In another development, Fenella Mukangara  has been appointed Minister of Information. Now the deputy minister, she previously taught Gender Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam and chaired the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme.

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