Reports Examine Access Issues in Chilean Cities

15 June 2012

 Two reports have been prepared addressing transparency in Chilean cities.

A report entitled “Challenge of Transparency in Municipalities,” prepared by the lawyer Daniela Cañas, provides a comprehensive analysis of the causes and problems of transparency in municipalities.

The report “Barriers of Access to Public Information City 2012” was done by Pro Acceso Foundation and studies the difficulties a petitioner faces in making a request for information to municipalities on the internet.

The studies (both in Spanish) were presented May 16 in a workshop, “Challenges of Municipal Transparency,” organized by Pro Acceso Foundation and attended by municipal representatives. The workshop explored the main obstacles and weaknesses of the municipalities in terms of active transparency and access to public information.

The meeting was attended by Director General of the Council for Transparency, Raul Ferrada; the executive secretary of the Commission on Integrity and Transparency, Alberto Precht;  the counselor of the Chilean Association of Municipalities, Mograby Malik; and representatives of the Comptroller General of the Republic, civil society, municipalities and experts.

Both studies include recommendations.

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