Bill Clinton Urges More Transparency on AIDS Funds

30 July 2012

More openness is required about funding to fight AIDS, former U.S. President Bill Clinton said July 27 at an international conference in Washington.

“We can target the money we are spending more effectively,” Clinton said, according to news reports.

“This may be somewhat controversial but I feel strongly about it. We need a new level of openness about how every last dollar is spent — by countries, by donors, by NGOs,” he said.

“You can’t expect program managers all over the world to make the smartest decisions if they are trapped in a financial black box,” he added.

“Not so somebody can be embarrassed, but so we can see who is doing better and the rest of us can copy.” efforts to reach the Clinton Foundation for further details have so far been unsuccessful.

Clinton’s call was linked to his message that showing progress fighting AIDS and using funds efficiently.

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