OGP Requests Nominations to Serve on IRM Panel

30 July 2012

The Open Government Partnership July 24 issued its official call for nominations of persons to serve on the eight-member international expert panel that will oversee the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM).

The IRM panel will direct the process through which OPP members’ action plans will be reviewed.

It will be composed of five technical/policy experts and three senior advisors. “The technical/policy experts will play a direct role in overseeing the quality control process for IRM report production, including reviewing and approving final reports for publication,” according to the announcement.

“The high-profile senior advisors will provide strategic advice during the initial development of the IRM’s overall assessment approach, and will then play a major role in international and regional outreach on IRM report findings and implications,” the OGP said.

The review process itself has been defined by the OGP Steering Committee which ultimately will select the members of the expert panel.

According to the announcement, “The IEP should be broadly representative of OGP participating countries, with experts that represent a diversity of regions and thematic expertise related to open government. IEP members are not required to come from OGP participating countries to sit on the panel.  Due to the complexity of the role and the large number of countries that must be assessed, these experts should have substantial experience in the transparency, accountability and civic engagement field in a number of regions, as well as experience managing multi-national research projects.”

The panelists will serve for two years with the possibility of a one-year extension. The  technical/policy expert panel members will be compensated for their time and high-profile senior advisors will compensated for expenses.

Nominations should be sent to by email to caroline@opengovpartnership.org

THe OGP is also in the process of hiring an IRM manager.

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