OGP Reviewing 60 Names to Serve on IRM Expert Panel

23 August 2012

The Open Government Partnership has compiled a list of over 60 names of persons to serve on the body that will oversee the Independent Review Mechanism, according to the minutes of OGP’s Governance and Leadership Subcommittee (GL) teleconference held on Aug. 17.

The list has been forwarded to the OGP Steering Committee for comments by Aug. 27 after which the OGP Support Unit will compile the comments and share them with subcommittees that will create a shortlist of names during the week of Aug. 27.  The shortlist will go out to full SC during the first week in September and from Sept 7-Sept 21, “principals make calls to a selected group of senior advisors,” according to the minutes. (To see the minutes scroll down under the “related files” section of the Governance page on the OGP website.)

The OGP is pushing to make appointments to the eight-member Independent Expert Panel that supervise the process by which member country action plans will be evaluated.

The OGP is continuing to refine the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). The OGP Steering Committee July 14 requested comments on the overall process and framework presented in a seven-page document and recently sponsored a conference call on the topic.

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Disclosure Policy, NYC Meeting Discussed

 The minutes also describe a system for handling requests in accordance with OGP’s Disclosure Policy.  

Plans for “an OGP anniversary reception on the margins of the UN General Assembly” meeting in New York this fall are outlined in the minutes.  There will be 250 guests, “including all OGP countries, equal number of CSO organisations, select observer countries, and media.”  

“Brazil reported that it sent letters to the four countries whose plans are outstanding from the April annual meeting (Liberia, Ghana, Mongolia, and Azerbaijan) to offer support in fulfilling their OGP commitment,” according to the minutes.

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