Italian FOI Activists Hold Event to Push Legislation

20 September 2012

Italian supporters celebrated Sept. 19 as Italy’s “Day of Transparency” seeking to build support for national freedom of information legislation.

“A group of associations and prominent individuals started a campaign last spring to demand the introduction of a law that allows citizens to have access to documentation from the public administration,” according to the organizers of the event in Rome. The initiative was presented at the Italian Parliament on May 29 this year.

The organizers include the Italian Association of Newspaper Publishers (FIEG) and the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI) and personalities like Valerio Onida, President emeritus of the Constitutional Court.

The conference features speeches from professors, politicians and journalists.

Today in Italy a citizen can request and receive from public bodies only documents that involve him/her directly, an article on explains.

The promoters of the Day of Transparency ask the government to include the FOIA in the Digital Agenda bill to be discussed by the Parliament.

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