Uruguay Restricts Access to Certain Police Information

19 September 2012

Eduardo Bonomi, the Minister of the Interior of Uruguay, has issued five resolutions establishing the secrecy of information related to police activities.

The resolutions would prevent disclosure of information concerning procedures for combating crime, including information on the use of resources. Information on the location of the policy stations is also given protection.

Also classified as confidential is information on disciplinary procedures and administrative proceedings conducted by the ministry and its agencies.  Further protected is certain information related to the safety of ministry authorities, their family members and detained persons.

The new restrictions, signed in July, are based on an exemption in the law, Article 9, intended to limit disclosure of information that would compromise national security and the public safety.

Here is the link of the Ministry of Interior´s web page with the resolutions, an article in El Telegrafo and an article in El Pais. Also see a critical commentary in ICN by Javier García.

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