Chile Encourages Agencies to Publish Data on New Portal

21 November 2012

Chile’s General Secretary of the Presidency has announced an Open Government Presidential Directive establishing an open data policy and encouraging governmental institutions to proactively publish their data and information.

The announcement mandates that open government data must be published on a portal:

The directive by President Sebastián Piñera “marks an unprecedented commitment” to the opening of public data, according to an unofficial translation of the announcement.

“Among other things, this instruction sets the Open Data policy, under which instructs and encourages government institutions proactively publish data and information that can serve as the basis for innovation and the generation of new knowledge by the State , civil society and academia,” the announcement states, in rough translation.

It indicates that the policy will help citizens to access information about pharmacies and schools. 

The Ministry of Social Development said it was adding a variety of new databases in the Open Data Portal saying that the formats are open and reusable.

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