President Obama Says Myanmar Plans to Join OGP

19 November 2012

U.S. President Barack Obama Nov. 19 said he welcomed Myanmar’s intention to join the Open Government Partnership.

In advance of Obama’s arrival, the Myanmar government pledged to join the OGP by 2016.

Obama cited the move during a speech at the University of Yangon in Rangoon, saying, “And I very much welcome your government’s recent decision to join what we’ve called our Open Government Partnership, so that citizens can come to expect accountability and learn exactly how monies are spent and how your system of government operates.” 

The president promised U.S. support to help economic growth and said that growth “can only be created if corruption is left behind.” He stated, “For investment to lead to opportunity, reform must promote budgets that are transparent and industry that is privately owned.”

“To lead by example, America now insists that our companies meet high standards of openness and transparency if they’re doing business here.”

Obama announced a joint US-Burma partnership to advance democratic reform, promising  $170 million dollars over the next two years to support the effort.

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