New Head of Mexican IFAI Blasted by Colleague

28 January 2013

The inauguration of Gerardo Laveaga as the new head of the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI) was accompanied by strong criticisms from a fellow commissioner.

Commissioner Angeles Trinidad Zaldivar called Laveaga “inexperienced and lazy.” In a Jan. 21 speech at the event, he said Laveaga has outstanding 291 matters before him to resolve while the other commissioners have an average of 163 matters before them. He also accused Laveago of sleeping during a Senate meeting.

Laveaga in his remarks pledged to strengthen the body. He later said that his backlog of matters was around 250, that he had closed his eyes but not fallen asleep and that he would respond later to Laveaga.

Laveaga was elected president of IFAI Jan. 18, after having been appointed as a commissioner in April 2012 by President Felipe Calderon amid criticisms that he lacked subject-matter experience.

In the selection process, which was resolved after four rounds of voting, Laveaga received the support of commissioners Sigrid Arzt and Maria Elena Perez-JaƩn.

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