Uruguay Mandates Agencies to Accept E-FOI Requests

31 January 2013

The Uruguay Access to Information Unit has issued a ruling requiring government agencies to accept electronic requests for information.

The ruling follows the creation of a website by the Center for Archives and Access to Public Information (CAINFO) the filing of information requests. (See previous FreeedomInfo.org report.) The group describes the new policy nd provides relevant links to documents here.

The ruling was issued after CAinfo and DATA in November filed a petition describing obstacles to the electronic requests and after consultation with the Advisory Council of the Law on Access to Public Information.

The portal “allows access to order public information quickly and easily, facilitating the use of this right to all citizens,” according to the nonprofit organization.

DATA (http://www.datauy.org/), a new organization working on open data, transparency and access to information, created the website and then partnered with CAINFO. They co-administer the website.

In addition to helping with the filing of requests, the system, named ¿Qué Sabés?, will provide monitoring of official responses

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