Two Alternative FOI Bills Complicate Moroccan Scene

18 February 2013

The expected passage of a government-backed freedom of information bill in Morocco has been complicated by the entry of competing versions, one  proposed by an opposition political party and one by a political party that is part of the government coalition.

There has been a proposal backed by different forces to organize a meeting in March to discuss the différences between these versions and the legislation from the government that is expected out shortly.

One alternative proposal came  from the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) and the other from the Popular People’s Movement.

Many observers explain this situation by the delay that the government has taken to offer its version.

Supporters of the government bill have criticized the new proposals as weaker than the government’s draft bill. Morocco is looking to pass a bill to enforce the access to information provision included in the Constitution of 2011 in its article 27. An access to infromation bill was announced by the former government in 2011.

Debate over the legislation is very healthy, said Abdeladim El Guerrouj, a government minister working on the subject, according to a blog post on the subject (in French). He said the government’s version will be subject to public consultation and dialogue with all stakeholders.


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