24 Persons Nominated to Serve as CSO Reps to OGP

11 March 2013

Two dozen persons have been nominated to fill three soon-to-be vacant positions as civil society organization representatives on the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee.

A list of the names was posted March 11 on the OGP website.

There are 6 candidates from Latin America, 2 from North America, 4 from Africa, 5 from Asia and 7 from Europe. Eight candidates are women.

On Jan. 15 when the OGP issued a public call for nominations to serve on the 18-member OGP Steering Committee, which is composed equally of representative from civil society and member governments. (See previous FreedomInfo.org report.)

To make room for new members, three civil society members will step aside and a process for selecting new members was announced, having changed a prior plan for elections.

 It remains undecided which three governments will drop off.

From the civil society side, the three members to depart will be Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive, Gladwell Otieno of the Africa Center for Open Governance, and Juan Pardinas of IMCO, of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness.

The OGP system included standards by which self-selected nominees were vetted through a five-person selection committee. The winners will be  voted on by the CSO Steering Committee members.

The final selection is expect to occur in time for the new members to attend the April 22-24 Steering Committee meeting.

In addition to seeking nominees to serve on the Steering Committee, the OGP advertised for two volunteers to serve on the selection committee.

The selection committee was expanded to include  Galib Abasov (National Budget Group, Azerbaijan) and  CR Hibbs (Stanford University’s Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society, US/Mexico).  The other members are  Blanton, Rakesh Rajani (Twaweza, Tanzania) and  the the Civil Society Coordinator, Paul Maassen.


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