25 Candidates Selected for 7 Slots on Mexico’s IFAI

25 April 2014

Twenty-five persons have been advanced for seven seats on Mexico’s Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI).

An expert committee chose them from 147 candidates after a series of hearings and announced the nonbinding list (below) April 21. Final selection requires the votes of two-thirds of the Senate and approval by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

All five sitting commissioners are being replaced because of a new law that also expands the commission’s size to seven.

The list includes a number of current IFAI officials as Cecilia Azuara, secretary of Access to Information ; Rosa Maria Barcena , Director of Regulatory Analysis ; Alfonso Oñate Laborde , secretary of Personal Data Protection ; and Ricardo Salgado , Director of Legal Affairs. It also includes academics and officials from local governments and nongovernmental organizations.

Despite expectations, voting this week was delayed because of a debate about telecommunications legislation, according to news reports.

One analysis, on e-consulta.com, predicted the outcome of the process, saying that the next seven commissioners will be: Cecilia del Carmen Arai Azuara, María Patricia Kurczyn Villalobos, Rosa Maria Barcenas Canúas, Oscar Mauricio Guerra Ford and Francisco Javier Acuña Llamas.

They have powerful party endorsements, the report said: “Both PRI, PAN and PRD endorsed these names, as did the director of Transparency Mexico , Eduardo Bohorquez ; Coordinator of transparency and accountability Found, Haydee Pérez Garrido ; the former Commissioner of the IFAI, Jacqueline Peschard, and head of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching ( CIDE) Sergio Lopez Ayllon, among others.”

List of 25

The list of 25 candidates. For brief descriptions of them see here.

1.- Francisco Javier Acuña Llamas

2.- Raúl Ávila Ortiz

3.- Cecilia del Carmen Azuara Arai

4.- Rosa María Bárcenas Canúas

5.- Areli Cano Guadiana

6.- Luis Miguel Cano López

7.- Miguel Castillo Martínez

8.- Jorge Alejandro Chávez Presa

9.- Francisco Ciscomani Franer

10.- Luis Emilio Giménez Cacho García

11.- Rogelio Alberto Gómez Hermosillo

12.- Óscar Mauricio Guerra Ford

13.- Salvador Guerrero Chiprés

14.- Manuel Alejandro Guerrero Martínez.

15.- lfonso Hernándes Valdés

16.- Blanca Lilia Ibarra Cadena

17.- María Patricia Kurczyn Villalobos

18.- Guillermo Noriega Esparza

19.- Alfonso Oñate Laborde

20.- German Palafox Palafox,

21.- Ximena Puente de la Mora

22.- Agustín Ramírez Ramírez

23.- Federico Rubli Kaiser

24.- Joel Salas Suárez

25.- Ricardo Salgado Perrilliat.

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