OGP Chooses New Experts for Next Independent Reviews

30 May 2014

The Open Government Partnership has published the list of next group of reviwwers who will examine national action plans.

The process, known as the Independent Reporting Mechanism, involves hiring independent experts to author progress reports on implementation of each country’s OGP action plan. 

A number of known access to information experts are among those chosen.

Announced May 23 were:

  • Albania: Gjergji Vurmo, Institute for Democracy and Mediation
  • Argentina: Natalia Torres, Centre of Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information (CELE)
  • Armenia: Artak Kyurumyan, Independent Researcher
  • Australia: Daniel Stewart, Australia National University
  • Azerbaijan: Kenan Aslanli, Independent Researcher
  • Brazil: Fabro Steibel, Independent Researcher
  • Bulgaria: Stephan Anguelov, Access to Information Programme
  • Canada: Mary Francoli, Carleton University
  • Chile: Andrea Sanhueza, Independent Researcher
  • Colombia: José Hernandez-Bonivento, Grupo de Investigación en Gobierno, Administración y Políticas Públicas (GIGAPP)
  • Costa Rica: Israel Aragón, Independent Researcher
  • Croatia: Ivona Mendeš, Transparency International Croatia
  • Czech Republic: Advokátní kancelá? Šikola a partne?i s.r.o., Attorneys at law
  • Denmark: Mads Eberholst, Independent Researcher
  • Dominican Republic: Trajano Potentini, Fundación Justicia y Transparencia
  • El Salvador: José Marinero, Lawyer and Independent Researcher
  • Estonia: Hille Hinsberg, Independent Researcher
  • Finland: Oxford Research Finland
  • Georgia: Lasha Gogidze, Transparency International Georgia
  • Ghana: Nicholas Adamtey, Independent Researcher
  • Greece: Thanasis Priftis, Openwise
  • Hungary: Petra Reszketo, Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis
  • Israel: Guy Dayan and Roy Peled, Independent Researchers
  • Italy: Andrea Menapace, Independent Researcher
  • Jordan: Mai Eleimat & Amer Bani Amer Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development- RASED
  • Kenya: Caroline Othim, National Taxpayers Association
  • Latvia: Zinta Miezaine, Independent Researcher
  • Liberia: Oscar Bloh, Search for Common Ground Liberia
  • Macedonia: Neda Korunovska, Reactor Research in Action
  • Malawi: Fletcher Tembo, Mwananchi Social Accountability Research and Learning
  • Mexico: Centro de Contralori?a Social y Estudios de la Construccio?n Democra?tica (CCS-CIESAS)
  • Moldova: Eduard Mihalas, Independent Researcher
  • Mongolia: Batbold Zagdragchaa, Transparency Foundation
  • Montenegro: Vanja Calovic, Independent Researcher
  • Netherlands: Frans Jorna, Saxion University
  • New Zealand: Steven Price, Independent Researcher in association with the New Zealand Centre for Public Law.
  • Norway: Joachim Nahem, International Law and Policy Institute
  • Panama: Magaly Castillo, Alianza Ciudadana Pro Justicia
  • Paraguay: Centro de Políticas Públicas de la Universidad Católica (CPP-UC) Nuestra Señora de Asunción
  • Peru: Mabel Cáceres, Journalist
  • Philippines: Malou Mangahas, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)
  • Romania: Dani Sandu, Independent Researcher
  • Serbia: Centar za evropske politike/European Policy Centre (CEP)
  • Slovakia: Matej Kurian, Independent Researcher
  • South Africa: Ralph Mathekga, Clear Content Research and Consulting
  • South Korea: Geoffrey Cain, Asia Pacific Research
  • Spain: César Cruz-Rubio, Grupo de Investigación en Gobierno, Administración y Políticas Públicas (GIGAPP)
  • Sweden: Alina Ostling, Independent Researcher
  • Trinidad & Tobago: Josh Drayton, University of the West Indies at St. Augustine
  • Turkey: Hande Ozhabes, Independent Researcher
  • Ukraine: Dmytro Kotliar, Independent Researcher
  • United Kingdom: Benjamin Worthy, University of London
  • United States: Suzanne Piotrowski, Rutgers University
  • Uruguay: Instituto de Comunicacio?n y Desarrollo (ICD)

This list will be updated as the remaining national researchers are finalized.  If you would like to ask questions about, comment on, or get in touch with a national researcher, please contact IRM@opengovpartnership.org

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