Members Named to FOI Advisory Panel in US

20 June 2014

The Archivist of the United States David Ferriero has appointed the 20 members of the new FOIA Advisory Committee.

Ten are from within government and 10 from outside. Committee members are appointed to serve two-year terms.

The first meeting will be held June 24, according to an announcement.

Office of Government Information Services Director Miriam Nisbet is the committee chair.

Government Members

  • Miriam Nisbet, Chair, ?Office of Government Information Services?
  • Delores Barber? U.S. Department of Homeland Security?
  • Karen Finnegan? U.S. Department of State?
  • Larry Gottesman? Environmental Protection Agency?
  • James Hogan ?U.S. Department of Defense?
  • Michele Meeks? Central Intelligence Agency?
  • Martin Michalosky?  Financial Protection Bureau?
  • Ramona Branch Oliver? U.S. Department of Labor?
  • Melanie A. Pustay? U.S. Department of Justice?
  • David S. Reed? Federal Communications Commission?

Non-Governmental Members

  • Dave Bahr ?Bahr Law Offices, P.C.?
  • Andrew Becker? The Center for Investigative Reporting?
  • Eric Gillespie? Govini?
  • Clay Johnson? The Department of Better Technology?
  • Nate Jones? National Security Archive?
  • Ginger McCall? Electronic Privacy Information Center?
  • Maggie Mulvihill? Boston University?
  • Anne Weismann Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington?
  • Larry White? National Coalition for History (NCH)?
  • Mark S. Zaid? Law Office of Mark S. Zaid, P.C.
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