Group Complains About Spanish FOI Website

18 December 2014

Access Info Europe Dec. 17 asked the Spanish Ombudsman to look at various “obstacles” to using Spain’s transparency law.

The Madrid-based group objected that “requesters may only send information requests via the Transparency Portal by complicated and time-consuming process, which resulted in no member of Access Info Europe has yet having completed the bureaucratic steps necessary to be able to submit a request.” The law that entered into force Dec. 10. (See previous report.)

In addition, “requesters are required to use official and verified identification in order to make an access to information request,” the group said.

“Another dimension to the complaint is that the Transparency Portal excludes the possibility for non-Spanish citizens to send requests,” according to the group. “Citizens from certain European countries can theoretically send requests using the Portal, but in fact even some of these links to not work.”

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