Bapna Chosen to Be Future OGP Civil Society Chair

28 May 2015

Manish Bapna of the World Resources Institute has been elected as next in line to be the chairperson representing civil society organizations on the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee.

Bapna will assume that role in late 2017. He is Executive Vice President and Managing Director for the World Resources Institute. WRI recent issued its Environmental Democracy Index. (See article.)

The OGP leadership system has four co-chairs who serve one-year terms. Two represent the government members and two the civil society organizations. The government leaders are chosen by the government members of the 22-member Steering Committee, which is composed of equal delegations from governments and CSOs. The CSO caucus chooses its leaders.

The current “lead” government co-chair is from Mexico and the “support” chair is from South Africa, which will assume the “lead” role in October 2015. France was recently selected as the next government in the succession, (See previous report.)

The current lead co-chair on the CSO side is Suneeta Kaimal, Deputy Director, Natural Resource Governance Institute. In October, her replacement will be Alejandro Gonzalez, Director, Gestión Social y Cooperación (GESOC), of Mexico

Bapna will become the lead CSO co-chair with France beginning in late 2017.

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