Tanzanians Support Law on Access to Information

17 June 2015

Most Tanzanians support an access to information law, according to a June 15 press release from Twaweza.

The non-governmental organization reported that 84 percent of those surveyed support passage of an access law and that 77 percent think information held by public institutions should be accessible to ordinary citizens. Such access would reduce corruption, said 80 percent of those responding.

The public wants officials to be punished if they don’t provide the information requested, the phone survey also found. Almost half, 47 percent, listed this as the most important feature that should be in an access law.

The government has developed a draft law, but pulled back from an effort to rush it through following protests from groups about the strength of the law. (See FreedomInfo.org report.)

“Significantly, citizens report that when they do seek information from public service providers in particular, it is generally provided,” according to the group.

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