Tunisian President Pulls Access Bill for Amendment

8 July 2015

Tunisia’s president July 3 decided to withdraw the bill on access to information, a move that “astonished” one group.

The president’s plan is to amend the bill, announced a spokesperson, according to a short news article. The move came in advance of planned consideration by the Assembly of People’s Representatives of Organic Law No. 55/2014, which was approved by Committee on Rights, Freedoms and Foreign Relations which submitted its report June 22, 2015.

The organization Al Bawsala crticized the move in a July 7 statement. The bill as much improved by the committee, the group said, expressing concern that 42 hours of committee work on the bill could be wasted. The government should submit amendments during plenary consideration, Al Bawsala said, urging that the government not go back on the progress made by the committee.

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