UNEP to Revise Criticized Pilot Disclosure Policy

22 September 2015

The United Nations Environmental Programme has announced that it will write a second draft of its disclosure policy and invite public comments.

The current “pilot policy” now in place for almost a year has been criticized by transparency campaigners, including at a one-day dialogue in June in Nairobi, Kenya. (See previous FreedomInfo.org article.)

UNEP has just published a summary of the comments, along with its responses.

The following governments submitted their comments: Brazil, Canada, European Union and its Member States, Holy See, New Zealand, Norway, United States of America. Comments were received also from 13 organizations and groups and 11 individuals. See comments here.

“This document and especially the responses by the UNEP secretariat are open for further comments by 5 October 2015,” Comments should be submitted here.

“On the basis of the comments on the Policy and the UNEP’s responses, the UNEP secretariat will prepare the draft revised Policy,” UNEP announced. The UNEP secretariat will publish the draft revised policy for comments and another informal dialogue. “Subsequently, taking into account comments on the draft revised Policy, the UNEP secretariat will finalize it.”

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