Ireland Orders Creation of Proactive Disclosure Plans

15 October 2015

The new Irish Freedom of Information Act came into force Oct. 14 and the government has told agencies they have six months to create their plans for proactive disclosure of information.

The government issued an implementation order, which also covers a new fee structure.

“A key innovation,” the government said, “requires public bodies to pre-empt the need for FOI requests by preparing and furnishing publication schemes”

The government announced a Model Publication Scheme and Guidance.

“The Scheme sets out the information an FOI body must publish on its website including details about the body, the services it provides, decision making processes for major policy proposals, financial information, procurement information and an FOI Disclosure Log,” according to the announcement.

“FOI bodies have six months from that date to prepare and publish their own Publication Schemes together with the underlying documentation,” the government said.

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