Transparency International Evaluates Five Countries

1 December 2015

Transparency International has completed studies of how well five countries perform concerning three “pillars of open governance: Transparency, Participation and Oversight.”

The countries rated were Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The Berlin-based nongovernmental organization applied a methodology based on 35 open governance standards and a scorecard composed of 459 questions. The five research papers and detailed information on the Open Governance Scorecard are located here.

Transparency is rated both in terms of the legal system and the “in practice” performance. The outcomes were categorized as: red (not met), yellow (partially met) and green (met).

The worst performer on the transparency measure was Ghana with an “in practice” performance of 75.4 percent red, 10.4 percent yellow and 14.2 percent green. The “in practice” scores were 81.0 percent red, 11.9 percent yellow and 6.8 percent green.

Peru’s “in law” performance was 57.6 percent red, 16.9 percent yellow and 25.4 percent green. The “in practice” scores were 50.0 percent red, 20.1 percent yellow and 29.9 percent green.

For the Ukraine, the “in law” scores were 11.9 percent red, 27.1 percent yellow and 61.0 percent green. The “in practice” scores were 34.3 percent red, 28.4 percent yellow and 37.3 percent green.

Indonesia’s transparency performance rating combines the “in law” and “in practice” scores, yielding: 28.0 percent red, 15.5 percent yellow and 56.5 percent green.

The UK research found “in law” scores of 33.9 percent red, 35.6 percent yellow and 30.5 percent green. The “in practice” indicators showed 20.9 percent red, 25.4 percent yellow and 53.7 percent green.

Each of the reports includes recommendations.

Although earlier this year a TI official indicated that other countries would be evaluated, there are not current plans to do so. TI at the moment is assessing the best way forward regarding this project and the scorecard.

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