Italian Groups Submit Petition Objecting to Decree

24 February 2016

Italian transparency advocates critical of a proposed government decree on access to information have submitted a petition (still open) with 60,000 signatories objecting to it.

Representatives of FOIA4Italy, a 30-group coalition, voiced their objections at a meeting with government officials and parliamentarians, according to a report by the group.

The group outlined its 10 main concerns, including coordination with existing law 241/90, overbroad exemptions, onerous procedures and no guaranteed government response. (See previous report.)

Also see a summary of objections to the decree by Federico Anghelu, a campaigner for Restarts the future.


The text of the decree and a technical report are now being circulated for non-binding reactions from Parliament, the State-Regions Conference and the Council of State before returning to the legislative office of the Ministry and the Council of Ministers for final approval.

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