115 FOI Regimes; FreedomInfo.org Count Shows

5 April 2016

The number of countries with freedom of information laws or similar administrative regulations stands at 115, according to FreedomInfo.org’s running tally.

The most recent additions to the list are MalawiVanuatuTanzania, Kenya, the PhilippinesSri Lanka,  Togo and Vietnam — all from 2016.

The final versions text of the Malawi and Kenyan laws are not yet available.

The Malawi and Vietnam bills have yet to be signed by the president.

The Philippines Congress is still considering passage of a FOI law, but the executive order issued by President Rodrigo Duterte contains the primary features of a FOI law.

In Tunisia a law was passed in March replacing a decree.

See combined list of FOI countries by date and alphabetically.

The list builds on consensus list developed in 2012 by FreedomInfo.org based on consultations with international experts. (See previous FreedomInfo.org report.)

For information on individual country’s laws, look under “country info” on FreedomInfo.org. Selecting the region will reveal a list of countries. The individual country pages include articles on recent developments and research materials including the text of the law. Brief articles in FOI Notes do not go into country pages, so full research on country should also include a key word search.


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