Ivory Coast Commission Acts to Implement, Publicize Law

20 April 2016

The Ivory Coast Commission for Access to Public Information (Acronym CAIDP in French) has called on all state departments to designate their information officers, conducted a series of training sessions on the law and recently created a website.

Agency information officers will receive requests from users wishing to access information and the documents of public interest, the Commission said, according to a news report (in French). The Commission was established to implement the access law (No. 2013-867 of Dec. 23, 2013). The Commission indicated that the agencies’ designations must be in writing.

On April 14, the Commission hosted a training session for members of the Network of Government Communication Services, according to a posting on the Commission website. The Commission also held a session on the law for media organizations and another for publishers.

Commission President Kebe Yacouba has adopted a strategy whereby journalists are designated as focal points with the AIHRC on behalf of their newspapers.

An agreement to jointly publicize the law was reached with the nongovernmental organization Action for the Protection of Human Rights (abbreviated PADH), the Commission website says.

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