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  • 16 October 2014

    UN Panel Told That Angola Needs Better Implementation

    Angola is not doing enough to implement its right to information law, according to a statement made by the Africa Freedom of Information Centre to a United Nations body. The statement was made by Gilbert Sendugwa, AFIC’s Coordinator & Head of Secretariat, at an Oct. 7 meeting under the auspices of the Human Rights Council. […]

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  • 4 December 2013

    Angola FOI Law Found Wanting in AFIC Analysis

    The Angola freedom of information  law “bears numerous critical deficiencies relative to regional standards,” according to a detailed analysis by the Africa Freedom of Information Centre. “In general, the Angola Law appears to provide only the most limited expression of the right to information,” the report concludes. “In its relatively few pages, it fails sufficiently […]

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News Archive

  • 17 October 2002

    Top World Bank Official Supports More Disclosure of Oil Revenue Payments

    Top World Bank Official Supports More Disclosure of Oil Revenue Payments. Oil, gas and mineral companies should fully disclose their payments to governments of developing nations, the head of the World Bank’s private sector lending arm said recently, adding another voice to a steadily growing campaign for such disclosures. More … Woicke Statement Welcomed. International […]

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  • 1 June 2002

    Angola Oil Revenues: A Hidden Report

    It doesn’t look as though the World Bank will be releasing a $2-million "diagnostic" study by the KPMG accounting firm about where Angolan oil revenues have gone. The Bank shouldered 30 percent of the cost of the report, but it says the study is an Angolan government document, which means that disclosure of the findings […]

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Constitution (2010) (Right to information: Article 40) (English)

Law on Access to Documents held by Public Authorities (2002) (English)

Law on Access to Documents held by Public Authorities (2003) (Portuguese)



An Analysis of the Access to Information Law of the Republic of Angola, African Freedom of Information Centre (March 2013)



Measuring Openness

Global Right to Information Rating
A country-by-country rating of laws by the Centre for Democracy and Law and Access Info.

Freedom House
The Freedom in the World report.

World Bank
Worldwide Governance Indicators

Transparency International, Corruption Perceptions Index
Measures perceptions of the degree of corruption.

Reporters Without Borders
The Press Freedom Index.