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  • 28 April 2016

    Namibian Video Downplays Access Issues, Activists Say

    A new video in Namibia effectively promotes the virtues of access to government information, but seriously downplays the practical difficulties of actually getting information, according to activists consulted by The video paints “a somewhat rosy picture,” observed one Namibian activist, “fine rhetoric masking a rather parlous situation.” The government has yet to propose an […]

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    • 7 May 2015

      Namibean Group Urges Consultation on FOI Bill

      The Namibia Media Trust has called for consultation with the government on freedom of information legislation. Gwen Lister, chairperson of the Namibia Media Trust (NMT) issued a statement on World Press Freedom Day saying that the media still struggles to access information from official sources, which in turn inhibits good investigative journalism and ethical practices. “While […]

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      freedom of information

      Text from 2011 World Bank review:

      Namibia currently has no legal freedom of information framework.

      Its Constitution provides the country’s general legal framework for other fundamental freedoms and delineates certain restrictions thereto, like national security and public order, but it does not reference FOI rights.

      Further, other laws seem only to substantially limit the free public’s access to information. First, the Protection of Information Act of 1982, forbids disclosure of state secrets, information implicating national security, and any information obtained by virtue of government employment. Incidentally, this 1982 Act was enacted by South Africa and remains on the books in Namibia but has never been used by the Namibian authorities. Other provisions limiting access to government information concern Namibia’s national defense and criminal proceedings.

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        News Archive

        • 13 November 2014

          Namibia Imprisoned in a Secrecy System

          By Natasha H. Tibinyane The author is National Director of  MISA Namibia.  This is a chapter in a recently issued State of Right to Information in Africa Report 2014 and is reprinted with permission. (See previous report.) The Government of Namibia is a State Party to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and has also ratified the African […]

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          • 2 October 2014

            Africa’s Progress on RTI Assessed in Two Reports

            Two key groups advocating for right to information laws in Africa have issued detailed reports, both calling for intensified efforts to continue progress and taking a close look at national situations. The Africa Freedom of Information Centre Sept. 29 launched its first State of the Right to Information in Africa Report. The report is on […]

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            • 27 August 2012

              Prospects Brighten for ATI Legislation in Namibia

              Namibian government officials are giving favorable signals about access to information legislation and civil society is organizing to push for it, according to recent reports and information provided to At a recent two-day conference the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Joel Kaapanda, addressed ATI in a speech read on his behalf by the […]

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              • 13 May 2011

                Namibians Denied Right to Information by Government

                 By Nghidipo Nangola  Nangola is a film maker and producer May 3 is World Press Freedom Day and Namibia can pat itself on the shoulder for having guaranteed the freedom for journalists to collect, produce and disseminate information without hindrance. Aside of a few local journalists being roughed up by overzealous security men and one […]

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