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  • 22 September 2015

    Decree Brings Access Law Into Effect in Paraguay

    Paraguay’s President Horacio Cartes on Sept. 18 signed a decree (Decree 4064/15) implementing the law on access to public information. Cartes called it “a historic moment in our country” and said his administration would work to end injustice and misuse of public money, according to a posting on a government website (in Spanish). Transparency will […]

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  • 1 October 2014

    New Paraguay FOI Law Culmination of Campaign

    By Jonathon David Orta This report was published by the Knight Center for Journalism at the University of Texas and is reprinted with permission. On Sept. 18, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes signed the country’s first freedom of information (FOI) law, making it the 100th country in the world to pass similar legislation. Officially titled the […]

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  • 18 September 2014

    Reaching 100 FOI Laws, Movement Looks to Future

    By Toby McIntosh This article also appeared Sept. 19 in The Guardian. Paraguay on Sept. 18 became the 100th country in the world to have freedom of information law, a milestone for Paraguay and for the transparency movement. A bedrock of government openness, FOI laws (also called right to know or access to information laws) […]

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  • 24 August 2014

    Paraguayan Senate Passes House-Amended ATI Bill

    The Paraguayan Senate Aug. 21 approved the Access to Information Act, accepting amendments proposed by the House. A presidential signature is expected in the coming days, at which point Paraguay will be the 100th nation with a freedom of information law. The House passed a bill May 28, amending a Senate-passed bill. The House altered […]

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  • 30 May 2014

    Paraguayan House Passes Amended Access Legislation

    The Paraguayan House May 28 approved access to public information legislation. The House amended the Senate-passed bill, in particular, Article 22, which defines confidential information, in ways considered positive by pro-transparency advocates. Exceptions are not specifically established in the bill. Instead, Article 22 refers to provisions in other laws that impose confidentiality. Groups supporting the […]

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  • 29 April 2014

    Access Bill in Paraguay to Face Test in House Debate

    Civil society groups in Paraguay are pushing to amend a proposed access to information bill that they say is too restrictive and some in Congress argue is totally unnecessary. The House is expected to debate the legislation on May 13, according to a media report (in Spanish) and sources. The Senate adopted an access […]

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  • 30 December 2013

    Paraguayan Senate Passes Access Law Amendments

    The Paraguayan Senate has approved amendments to the law on access to public information and government transparency. The bill would establish new exemptions to the law, according to a Dec. 19 report (in Spanish) in Confidentiality would be granted to information on public security or national defense, information that might prejudice international relations or […]

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  • 11 October 2013

    Seven Senators Offer FOI Bill in Paraguay Drafted by NGOs

    Seven senators have introduced a Transparency and Access to Information bill that was drafted by Paraguayan nongovernmental organizations. Martha Ferrara, director of Semillas para la Democracia (Seeds for Democracy), said the project is the result of 10 years work on the subject and presentation, supported by several legislators , and means ” a great achievement […]

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  • 16 September 2013

    Paraguay’s Ombudsman Proposes Access Legislation

    The House of Representatives in Paraguay is considering a draft law on access to public information. The legislation was proposed by the ombudsman, Manuel Páez Monges, and is sponsored by Rep. Víctor González Segovia. The proposal is being studied in committee on Legislation, Constitutional Affairs and the Press and Propaganda, according to an ABC news […]

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  • 15 June 2012

    Paraguay Posts OGP Action Plan, Other Plans Missing

    The national actions plan for Paraguay has now been posted on the Open Government partnership website. Two other action plans, for Azerbaijan and Macedonia, that OGP officials said were on the verge of being published several weeks ago, have not yet appeared. South Korea also was reportedly read to post, but it unclear if the material on […]

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  • 18 May 2012

    Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Paraguay, South Korea, Finish OGP Action Plans

    Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Paraguay and South Korea have completed their national action plans as part of the Open Government Partnership process. Their plans have not been posted, but will be soon, has learned. Three other countries that joined the OGP last year still have not delivered their plans: Liberia, Ghana and Mongolia. The OGP co-chairs […]

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  • 28 November 2011

    Three Countries Join OGP; Disclosure Policy Criticized

    Demark, Armenia and Paraguay have joined the Open Government Partnership, bringing OGP membership to 49. Their commitments come as the OGP prepares for a meeting in Brazil Dec. 7-8 and as comments arrive on the organization’s proposed disclosure policy. In other OGP-related developments: –          Tanzania’s efforts to prepare its action plan were faulted in several […]

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  • 22 September 2011

    Access Advocates Organize, Raise Support in Paraguay

    By Julia Fernández Cruz Cruz is a staff member of the Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresión e Información (Regional Alliance for Freedom of Expression and Information) The Alianza Regional por la Libre Expresión e Información has been supporting, since 2008, the Promoting Group on Access to Public Information (GIAI), a coalition of Paraguayan civil society organizations […]

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  • 22 September 2010

    Paraguayan NGOs Launch Campaign to Pass FOI Law

    Leaders of nongovernment organizations in Paraguay have begun talking with congressional leaders about passing a freedom of information law. The groups have developed a draft law (in Spanish).   “We are trying to get a broad consensus on the importance of having a legislative debate on a FOI law,” according to Ezequiel Santagada, an attorney […]

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  • 2 December 2009

    World Bank Cautious on Media Development

    The goal of strengthening the media as one way to fight corruption was adopted by the World Bank in 2006, but the promise has gone virtually unfulfilled, according to research by

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  • 7 October 2009

    Saber Mas: New Report on Access to Information in Latin America

    Open government advocates offer first-hand accounts of FOI promotion in Latin America Latin America’s leading open government advocates recently released a report, bringing together data from 17 countries and offering new findings on the status of freedom of information in the region. The Regional Alliance for Freedom of Expression and Information (Alianza Regional para la […]

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