IDB Working Toward Disclosure Policy Review This Year

19 April 2007

The Inter-American Development Bank is moving toward the start of a review of its disclosure policy, according to officials at the institution. First, a paper is being drafted by the Office of External Relations about issues and potential remedies. That paper is scheduled for completion by mid-May, at which point it will go to senior management for review. Subsequently it will be distributed to the board, probably by the end of May or early June. After board consideration of the issues paper, the legal department will put together an initial draft of proposed amendments that will be the basis for public consultations. Once comments are received, another draft will be prepared for board consideration. One open question is whether that final draft will be disclosed to the public before board action, an ambiguity in the current disclosure rules. (The disclosure policy review is supposed to be an annual exercise, but was skipped in 2005.)

By Toby McIntosh

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