World Bank Requests

General Requests

Policy: The Bank’s Access to Information policy and other information are found on this web page.

Resource: See 2014 guide to accessing World Bank information produced by the NGO Bank Information Center.

International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Requests: Automated disclosure request on the IFC’s disclosure policy site.

Also,  according to the policy: Information that is not readily available from IFC’s Web site, the InfoShop, or the PICs may also be requested in writing (by e-mail, mail, or fax) from IFC.

Information may be requested by contacting the Corporate Relations Unit of IFC through the Web site at and the e-mail addresses provided therein, by telephone at +1 (202) 476-3800, by fax at +1 (202) 974-4384, or by mail at 2121 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20433, USA.

IFC’s Corporate Relations Unit serves as a contact point for persons seeking to obtain documents that are not routinely disclosed by IFC on its Web site. Information routinely disclosed by IFC as described in this Policy may also be requested from the relevant IFC department, with a copy of the request to the Corporate Relations Unit.

Procedures: The IFC seeks to reply in 30 days. Further information is in the IFC’s disclosure policy.


Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

Requests: Individuals looking for specific information not available on MIGA’s website may submit a disclosure request to

Procedures: MIGA strives to respond to disclosure information requests within 30 calendar days. Applicants who are dissatisfied with the level or nature of MIGA’s response have recourse to a Disclosure Policy Advisor. To register a complaint regarding a disclosure request, please contact James Bond at

Integrity Vice Presidency (INT)

The Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) has its own disclosure policy, effective in February 2011. See also a Q&A about the policy on a web page that includes the policy in various languages.

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