EU Ombudsman Makes Recommendations to EIB

30 October 2014

European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has advised the European Investment Bank to make changes in its draft amendment to its disclosure policy.

The ombudsman’s guidance came in an Oct. 21 letter accompanied by a detailed three page annex.

One proposal is to clarify that the EIB does not intend to use an exception for “administrative tasks” to reduce transparency, as has been said by some critics. (See previous report on civil society comments on the draft policy.)

The annex suggests a variety of ways to clarify and simplify the draft EIB policy. It opposes most of the additional exemptions proposed.

The ombudsman is skeptical of a proposed procedure step and urges strengthening of the language regarding proactive disclosure of environmental information.

The EIB intends to produce a second draft in November before making a final decision in February.

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