First Commissioner Named in Jammu, Kashmir

28 January 2011

Six years after the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir enacted a Right to Information Act, the first Chief Information Officer has been named,  Chief Income Tax Commissioner for northern India, G R Sufi.

Two information commissioners still must be appointed under the law.

Sufi emerged as the consensus candidate in the meeting of the selection committee that lasted for one hour, according to the Kashmir News Service. Sufi had served as chief IT commissioner of Jammu and Kashmir till last year.

More about the appointment is on the blog for the Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Movement.

The J&K RTI Movement hailed the decision, commenting: “We hope that Mr. Sufi will prove his mettle at State Information Commission by penalizing the corrupt Government officers especially those Public Information Officers (PIO’s) who do not provide information under J&K RTI Act 2009 to the applicants & We hope that other two Information Commissioners will also be appointed as soon as possible.”

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