Study in Chile Faults Administration of FOI Law

16 May 2011

A study of the two-year old Transparency Act in Chile by Pro Access and Participate has identified problems with using the internet to make requests for information.

They studied 169 organizations and found that only 47% of the time could applications be made ??via the internet. Moreover, 71% of the requestors faced problems with the electronic system.

“The study shows the distance of the law with the general public. There are barriers to entry that are operating and complicate people’s access to information,” said Federico Allendes, president of the Foundation for Access.

Another study, released in April, entitled, “Barriers to public information,” was done by a group of civil society organizations in Chile (Smart Citizen, Pro Access, Participate, Pro Bono, Viva City and the School of Journalism of Universidad Diego Portales). It also documents demonstrates problems with the law.

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