China Calls for Transparency in Variety of Areas

18 May 2012

China has issued a document “calling for greater transparency regarding governmental information disclosures to the public,” according to a report by the Xinhua news agency. 

The short description indicates that more transparency should be put in place for the budget, affordable housing, food safety, environmental protection, land requisitions and housing demolition.

“Central and provincial government departments should expedite the disclosure of fiscal budgets to the public and add more detail to the mentioned information, the document said,” according to Xinhua.

More d information should be provided on regarding spending on overseas travel, official receptions and government-procured vehicles, the report also says.

In addition, local governments should disclose information on the expenditures within two years of the original purchase and provide more information on affordable housing projects.

“The document also calls for more extensive information disclosures related to pollution monitoring, water and air quality and compensation for people who have been relocated following land requisitions,” Xinhua said.

The Chinese text of this announcement, from the State Council General Office that directs OGI work, is called “2012 Arrangements for Key Work on Disclosure of  Government Information,” Doc. Guobanfa [2012] No. 26. It was issued April 28, 2012.

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