Legislative Calendar Slips for FOI Legislation in Malawi

4 February 2013

The government of Malawi will not submit a freedom of information bill during the current session of parliament, according to a media report.

This development was met with regret by Anthony Kasunda, the chairperson of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi chapter.

Kasunda told Capital FM that “the process will delay a bit. We were expecting the bill to be tabling during this coming sitting. But unfortunately, with this delay it means we have to push the bill forward. However, we expect the bill to be tabled in Parliament during the budget sitting.”

According to the report, MISA’s Malawi chapter has been running “a massive campaign to push for a speedy process of passing the bill by legislator” and to sensitize the public to the significance of the issue.

National consultative meetings were held last year to develop a bill at which government officials supported the concept, according to Nov. 9 article in The Nawaya Times.  The report said efforts to draft a bill began in 2003.

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